Waxing Crescent

by Cyril Diagne, 2022

Waxing Crescent

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Waxing Crescent is a real-time convolutional GAN for the mascot of darkness.

Trained on thousands of photos of the moon, it's a dynamic piece that slowly evolves over a cycle of 29.53 days, in sync with the moon phases.

The live artwork re-renders every hour.
The GIFs show the whole 29.53 days cycle as a 2s animation.
The preview images show the status on the day of the mint.

It appears to be the first real-time convolutional GAN ever minted as an NFT (please contact me if you find prior work!). A technical making of is available in this thread, and the source-code is available on GitHub with a CC-BY-4.0 License. Hopefully, this can help bring more realtime AI-based generators on fxhash.

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